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Using the latest commercial equipment, we can tackle any job
required, be it a small stain on a rug, to office carpets on a
large scale.

The Kiam Aquarius Contractor™  uses a hot water extraction
method which drives a mix of water and detergent deep into
the carpet pile, whilst  4-bar  of pump pressure sucks out all
dirt and grime.  Any stubborn areas are pre-treated and
agitated to ensure stain removal.

Our twin motor machine will remove most marks or stains on
your upholstery or carpets.  We quote the customer by the job
required, and cover the following services:

Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery:

It's recommended  that your  carpets should be  cleaned every
6-12  months  as this is a  major  area for  catching   dust,  dirt
and pet hair.  Rug spills are a common problem, especially with
red  wine or  dark  coloured fruit drinks.  Upholstery,   including
armchairs  and sofas can quickly  discolour from use or staining.
We aim to remove this leaving the area clean and smelling fresh.

Hall Stairs And Landing Carpets:

A prime dirt catchment area, especially hall and stair carpets as
this usually leads from the front door.

Car Interior Upholstery & Carpets:

We can also provide our services to valet car upholstery to remove
any dirt from seats and carpets of your car interior.


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Our carpet cleaning uses a multi step process as follows:


Firstly,  the carpet is  inspected to determine the fabric type and construction, and how far soiling has advanced throughout, then a test for colour fastness is carried out.

Furniture Removal

The area is then cleared removing any furniture or personal effects out of the room.


A powerful vacuum cleaner is then used to remove any surface debris which importantly includes the carpet edges with a crevice tool. This process also lifts the carpet pile into an upright position which aids the
next step of the cleaning.

Spot Removal

Pre-spot stain remover is applied to heavy soiled areas.


The next step includes a pre-spray of Karcher rm760 cleaning solution to the area to be cleaned. These chemicals have no bleaching agents and are of a low PH-value as not to discolour or damage the carpet fabrics in any way.


Using a brush tool, these chemicals are agitated deep into the pile to break up any dirt or contaminates from the carpet fibres. Depending on the degree of soiling,  this can be left to dwell between 5-30 minutes.

Hot Water Extraction

Using the Kiam Aquarius Contractor, a hot water extraction machine, the whole area is periodically cleaned, injecting a mix of hot water and Karcher rm760 detergent deep into the pile, whilst a powerful twin motored pump extracts the dirty solution. Any stubborn areas are pre-spotted again to ensure stain removal.

Carpet Cleansing

A fine mist of carpet fresh is then applied, this contains an anti-bacterial solution and leaves the carpet smelling fresh and looking bright.

Pile Alignment

The carpet is then lightly raked with our brush tool (depending on pile construction) to lift the carpet fibres which in turn aids the drying time.

Drying Time

We are often asked how long the carpet or upholstery will take to dry. This can be   dependant on a number of factors.  If the carpets have been cleaned on a warm summer day with the windows open, or the room temperature is quite high, then the carpets will dry quickly. Even if it is cold and damp outside,  it's advised the windows are to be left open during the drying process to allow moisture to vent outside.

With the advancement of commercial equipment, the drying times are radically reduced due to high powered suction pumps, but on average approximately between 2 to 4 hours.

We carry out our services on all various occasions, be it an end of tenancy clean, or moving in or out. We also cater for the hospitality sector, namely guest houses, b&b's, motels and hotels, also offices and restaurants.

Here are some examples of our carpet cleaning services:

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